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The long vacation also allowed me to work on my craft projects :) My sister and I actually have this plan on participating in a school fair where we can sell the things I made. So, I plan to sell bracelets and cards with quilling designs yey!

I have posted some of my quilling projects before. But this time, I made a new project out of it by making greeting cards. I made the envelopes myself and used scrapbooking paper. I used some letter or quote stickers on the cards, too!

I made bracelets for kids and adults :) Last November, I went to divisoria to buy some beads. I'm super happy because i bought a lot of beads at super cheap prices! I went to Wellmanson's at Tabora St. - a true bead haven ^___^

This is my newest craft project - bead rings! I asked my aunt to buy me this book by Klutz. I'm a fan of Klutz. They make complicated things easy hehe. Also, they provide enough supplies to work on every project in the book. I have seen some of their books in local bookstores, but I wasn't able to see the books that I want. So I ask my aunt to but them for me hehe~ The ring display board was my mom's idea!

My ring projects. [L-R]: The twist, daisy, starbusrt, butterfly and chain :) (Hand model: kamay ko!).

Hope we sell a lot :D

Kitchen Mode (Part 2)

Bceause of these entries, halatang-halata ang naging tambayan ko (kusina) at madalas kong ginawa (kumain) ngayong holiday vacation >.<

The following day, after baking, we experimented in the kitchen and made sushi! Hahaha! I really like eating Japanese food...but honestly, hindi ako nakikipag-agawan sa sushi, hilaw man sya o luto. So anyway despite that, we had the rice, nori and filling ready to be rolled, and then~

Dyaran! Itadakimasu~ ahahaha!

Hindi sya super sarap ahahaha! It was pretty bland, and lasang kamay...joke! Pero ok na ren; at least we tried, and it did look like sushi! I guess it's ok for a first try ^___^ That night we had the sushi and tortilla rolled-up sanwiches~

Dugo't pawis na dinner :D

On new year's eve, we had mango crepes as snack (ibang level ng kain mode talaga). I found this crepe recipe on the Internet. Too bad, I wasn't able to take pictures. They were gone too soon hehe~ The first I tried this, it wasn't so good. But this time, I succeeded yey! I put in some sliced mangoes and creme, rolled the crepe, squeezed some choco syrup and sprinkled some toasted walnuts. Voila! Kainan na (again)!

Kitchen Mode (Part 1)

A new year marks a fresh start - and this goes for my blog as well. Work, online games (hehe) and crafts took most of my time for the past year that posting a blog entry was no longer that interesting for me. Why, it even took me a few tries before I finally remembered my lj password >.<

With the long holiday vacation, I finally had the time to note down holiday events worthy of being posted ehehe. I have always been fond of baking, and Christmas is just right time to get those choco chips and flour out of storage :) Last December 20 afternoon, I baked some cookies and muffins for my officemates as Christmas presents. Last November, I even bought special boxes and pouch bags to put the goodies in. Hehe, nakakapagod hau~ Super tiring that I wasn't able to take pictures of my baking accomplishment. But last December 29, I baked again not for giveaways but for us to eat mweheheh! This time I was able to ask my sister to take some Kodak moments~

Step 1: Place cupcake liners on the muffin pan (hehe).

Step 2: Fill each cup with muffin mix (Hand model: akin yan!).

Step 3: Put nuts of your choice on top (we used pecans and walnuts) (Hand model: sa mommy ko yan!).

Step 4: Baking time!

Ta-dah! Finished product. Ang dami! Yum-yum!

Muffins na naka-flower arrangement mode :)

My Daemon: Anicetos

Hehehe lang magawa (I placed it here kahit ayokong magchange ang daemon ko...). Hope my daemon doesn't change into something like...a cockroach... ewww...hahaha!


Wai! Lookit, my new layout...woot!
And I've got a sidebar...mukya!
Check out the Xenosaga official site, kakoi desu!
Gonna go look for icons to match...mwehehe.

pionna, domo arigatou gozaimashita *bow *bow b^.^d

Vacation! Banzai!

Weeee! Long vacation na, banzai! I'll be reporting back to work on tuesday, wee XD! I've even listed down all the things I need to do hehe...magagaan lang namang activities like watch anime, play PS2....mga ganun lang naman hahaha.

Speaking of anime, we attended the Ozine Fest last Sunday sa Mega. I'm actually psyched to go there because of shopping and the bands. On shopping, well, limited ang booths so wala naman masyadong kaigagayang bilhin, but we saw and bought some cool anime stuff nonetheless ;D. We get to listen to two bands sing anime songs, yehey! Although may mga panirang singers (I'm sure after the event isa na silang mga pipi), all in all, the event was OK and worth it. The only downside na nakita ko was...walang MANGA!!! >.< One thing I've noticed is that marami na talagang anime fans...also kahit hindi pa napapalabas na anime on local TV, nagiging cosplay entries na sila. Sikat na talaga ang Ouran and Death Note, it won't be long at mapapanuod na ren sila sa TV. Oh yeah, may celebrity sight-seeing pa pala sa event, because of BECK's launching sa HERO channel. Pero sa totoo lang di ko talaga ma-appreciate ang kwento nun...haha, though I would like to hear the turn out of the dubbing.

On work...well, work pa ren. I feel settled in the workplace already and with the nature of my new job b^.^d Fighto fighto fa ren!

Hayz, I better start on my listed activities...sayang ang oras, haha.

Quotable Quotes:
~I like eating chawkoleits...with halmonds...and I'm prawd of it!
~What's going on over der?

Participating in cosplay events for years...is an achievement.
Wala na mas u-urgent pa sa...urgent emergency.

Something New

Kahit maraming kapangitan nangyayari at the start of my year, marami ring magagandang nangyari. Since last year, I've been planning to get myself a new phone - one that also works as a music player. So since then I've been saving for this. Last Saturday, natupad na ren ang plan kong ito. Like, yehey! I bought a new N73 music edition at Greenhills...the best thing is I got it at a price lesser than what I assumed. Yatta, may pambili pa ng manga hahaha! This has been my largest investment to date after my PSP hehehhe and I'm glad it was all worth it.

Kinakalikot ko na yung phone for the past 2 days...wala akong masabi. Malaki yung memory nya (2 GB) enough for a lot of anime songs nyehehe. It recognizes songs in WMA format so mas madaming masto-store na songs compared sa mp3 format :D Kahit nagtetext ka or taking pictures, nde magstostop yung music...medyo may interruption nga lang pag nagchachange ka ng application...pero after a second balik na sa kantahan, parang nabilaukan lang ganun.

The camera is superb, 3.2 megapixel sya and with built-in shutter pa. Malinaw yung pix, at ang laki ng screen, so kita pati pimples and blemishes hahaha! It also comes with a USB cable and software for managing your phone files. Na-amaze ako how easy it is to transfer the contacts to the phone kse pede na syang i-type sa PC, then the PC automatically transfers it to the phone. Mas madali kseng magtype sa PC kesa sa phone e, nde nakakangalay.

Syempre may pangit din akong nakita. Like the manual for example. Hindi sya English!, san ka pa. Natagalan tuloy ako to figure the phone out...kasi medyo iba na yung arrangement ng mga applications compared to previous Nokia models (took me 1 1/2 days to find out pano ko sya iseset to vibrate mode). Good thing, every application has a help option, nasa loob na bali nung phone yung mga how-to instruction...kaya lang I prefer a printed out manual...yung pede kong gusutin, lamusakin at balibaliktarin. Mabagal sya mag-on...antay ka ng mga 10 seconds before lumabas yung mga kamay hehehe. Medyo naghahang din sya briefly (3 seconds) pag for example magtatake ka ng pictures...or pupunta ka sa music section. Limited lang yung profile theme selections...walang pre-loaded images...

Kahit may problems ng konti, all in all I'm happy with the phone...like abot-tenga ang ngiti. It has all the features I needed from a phone, plus compared to other new models released...packed na sya with most of the best features (memory, megapixel level). I was thinking kung I should have saved more for an N91 8GB, kaya lng nde ko naman kailangan yung 8 GB memory..saka it only comes with a 2 megapixel cam...at most importantly, di na sya kaya ng bulsa ko heheheh. So in terms of features and budget...solb na ko sa N73 weee~

Next target: PS3 (in my dreams)

Blog Stuff from Kero

Hahaha..ako den pang-ubos oras :)

Your Birthdate: September 13

You don't love lightly. For you, love is always a serious undertaking.
However, you are able to love many types of people. You can bring out the best in almost anyone.
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Number of True Loves You'll Have: 1

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5

You are most compatible with people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of the month.

Grabe to...5 times!! Haler, I'm 24 already haha. In fairness, 1 and only true love...hahaha nasan na kaya yun XD.

You are The Magician

Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity.

Eleoquent and charismatic both verbally and in writing,
you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive.

The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil.

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You Are Somewhat Mature

You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart.
While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

Akemashite Omedetou!

Happy New Year! Hayz another year has passed...I wonder what 2007 has in store for meh...hmmm. For the past days before the year ended, I've been into lots of things hehe...I'm still playing FFXII...then I stopped and started watching Princess Hours...then I stopped to do some paper quilling...hehehe dami kong ginawa wala naman akong natapos. I got addicted to twirling papers and made lots of paper figures wee! Dev took pictures of my works of art nyok!

masterpiecesCollapse )

I'll be back to work on January 3...nuuuuu! Hehehe...I'm still in bakasyon mode, hopefully tomorrow I'll be in full spirit to do my work tasks on the dreaded day hehe.

Meri Kurismasu!

Meri Kurismasu! Yey, my favorite holiday has finally arrived, but I have to say this is my busiest christmas ever. When my Tita went back home after staying with us, we have to clean up of course. I changed the bed sheets, clean the bathroom >.< hoe...pagud. I have to make these little bags of goodies for giveaways (para sa mga pahinante sa business :) Then I had a fast wrapping session for my cousins' gifts...hoe. And then on the day of Christmas Eve, Dev and I busied ourselves in making the gingerbread house :D It was very messy but we had so much fun making it. We brought it to our lola's house since most of our kid cousins were there...hindi kasi nagkakalayo ang taste buds nila with ants hahaha.

After making the house (and taking lotsa pictures of it) I made the salad for our Christmas dinner...my legs were practically giving out. After a few hours of rest, we went to our lola's house to bring the gifts and other stuff. We ate some spaghetti our lola prepared, then went home to wait for Christmas day :) My mom's not feeling well, and my stomach's been bugging me (actually I can't tell if it's menstrual cramps) so we decided to do our Christmas eve activities earlier. After dinner, bukasan na...bukasan na! Yey! We gathered around the Christmas tree and had our gifts opened. Bebe loved his new stuffed frog...Dev gave me this big Sakuragi plushie...and Bebe had been trying to get it from me...nyak!

I got lotsa good presents. My mom and dad gave me an early present (new PS2) hee~ and Dev gave me action figures galore (Sora and Yomiko Readman), manga, cds and a POT slam book (hehe). My mom got craft things from me and Dev...and kating-kati na sya to start on her new projects hehe. We gave dad shirts and puzzles. Yahoo for Christmas! The best holiday evah!